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Ore Powder Briquetting Machine

Feed Size : 245-850

Capacity : 4t/h

Application Fields : Applies to industrial gasification, the focus of boiler type, cold type, ignition type coal, civilian coal, metallurgy, refractory material, medicine and other various molding material.

Introduction : Ore Powder Briquetting Machine,Ball Press machine,ball pressing machine are the best known products.The products have got the international quality certification of ISO9001:2000 and the European CE certification

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Ore Powder Briquetting Machine is used to press a variety of iron ore powder, oxide iron sheet, steel slag, refractory, etc. Rollers adopt 65 manganese casting, whose hardness can up to 58 degrees after a special heat treatment. Rollers are assembled by the composite, which is easy replaceable after wear. Iron Ore powder ball press machine has buffer device to protect itself against a hard object impact. Ore powder ball press machine has adjustable device to keep two rollers always within the tuning range, never misplaced. Ore powder ball press machine is also a kind of energy-saving & environmentally friendly products. For example: dust, pool mud, oxide sheet, slag, iron powder, aluminum ash, silicon manganese powder, etc., after shaping, easy to transport, improving the utilization of waste , with good economic and social benefits.

Structure Principle of Iron Ore Fines Briquette Machine

Sturcture of Ore Powder Briquetting Machine

1. Feed section: to make sure materials enter the double rollers evenly by feeding in ration.

2. Driving section: the main driving system is made up of electromotor, triangle section, reducer, open gear and rollers.

3. Briquetting section: the main body of the briquetting machine; the rollers as the core part.

Without proper solutions, iron ore fines produced in iron ore processing will be flew away by rainwater or blew away by wind, thus resulting in resources waste and environment pollution as well. Fote iron ore fines briquetting machine is the most ideal equipment specially designed for processing these iron ore fines. This iron ore fines briquette machine can be used to compress iron ore fines, iron powder, mill scale, steel powder, ferrosilicon powder, etc. to form differently shaped briquettes that are rigid and unbreakable in the process of transportation and smelting.

Final Briquettes of Iron Ore Fines Briquette Machine

The finished briquettes made by this iron ore fines briquette press machine can be used for metal smelting or as auxiliary materials of chemical and metallurgy. They have found extensive application in coal, metallurgy and chemical industry. The iron ore fines briquette machine has become increasingly indispensable in iron ore fines and other powders processing in that it makes great contribution to resources reutilization and create tremendous economic benefit to enterprises.

Technical Data of Iron Ore Fines Briquetting Machine

Model  Reducer  Speed ratio Roller dimension 
Principal axis speed Power 
Overall dimension
(L*W*H) (m)
Bearing  Weight 
360A JQ 350 1:27.32 Ø360/245 14-17 7.5 3-4 45/8 1.3*1.15*1.6 6021=8\206=4 2
360B JQ 350 1:27.32 Ø360/258 15-18 7.5 3-4 45/8 1.4*1.4*1.6 116=8\206=6 1
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