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Dust Collector

Feed Size : YMC-16

Capacity : 1000~2200m3/h

Application Fields : Dust Collector is commonly used in boilers and industrial production facilities.

Introduction : Dust Collector is called the dust separated from the flue gas equipment dust collector and dust removal equipment.

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       Combining decades of dust disposal experience, we have developed a series of high performance and high quality dust catchers with advanced dust-removal technology and world famous eletromagnetic valve allocation. We are well-known as dust-cleaning professional with 10 thousands of sets sales achievements.


       The dust collector machine is used for dust disposal in chemical, medicine, light industry, rubber, construction material, metallurgy and mining industry. It can also be used for cleaning tail gas for pneumatic trasmission of powdery or granular material.


       This dust catcher is applicable for various dusty air, featuring high temperature resistance, acidproof, alkali resistance, anti-static, waterproof and oilproof, with high-quality filtering material.

       The machine can bear higher pressure by adopting circular shell and spiral air inlet.

       The dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9%. With advanced imported eletromagnetic valve which has a long service life of 30 million times, it further perfects the dust removal system.

       Dust catcher is generally used under temperature of 120oC, but also can be used under 250oC high temperature. The machine can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. We also supply special design according to customer's personal requirement.

       Circular compressive dust collector of different shapes:




YMC-38 YMC-45 YMC-52 YMC-68 YMC-78

Filtering area(2)

12 18 24 28 33 39 51 58

Filter bags(pc)

16 24 32 38 45 52 68 78

Work temperature(oC)

Generally, the normal temperature is less than 120oC,the high temperature less than 230oC





Filtering airflow (m/min)



1000~2200 1600~3200 2100~4300 2500~5000 3000~6000 3500~7000 4600~9000 5200~10500

Blow pressure(MPa>)


Air consumption(m3/min)

0.05~0.12 0.07~0.15 0.1~0.2 0.11~0.22 0.14~0.27 0.18~0.36 0.21~0.44 0.25~1

Weight (kg)

800 860 1100 1290 1400 1600 1800 2000

Negative pressure(Pa)

General less than 50000

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