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Hydraulic ball press machine

Feed Size : 360-1000

Capacity : 3-45t/h

Application Fields : industrial gas-making, boiler coal, cold pressing coke, ignition coal, civil coal, civil metallurgy, refractory, and pharmaceutical materials, etc various molding.

Introduction : Hydraulic ball press machine,Ball Press machine,ball pressing machine are the best known products.The products have got the international quality certification of ISO9001:2000 and the European CE certification

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Hydraulic ball press machine can press all kinds of ore powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials into ball shape. Because of mandatory squeeze of rollers, the final product features of high-density, high strength, high hardness. Moreover, adopting 650mn hard wear resistance materials rollers, which improve hydraulic ball press machine service life effectively.

Working principle of hydraulic briquette press machine

The hydraulic protection device of hydraulic briquette machine or hydraulic briquetting machine adds hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder by the hydraulic pump, thus making the piston do axial displacement. The front connector of piston has been pressed against the bearing seat to meet the requirements for the production of pressure. When feed too much material in the two rollers of hydraulic briquetting press machine or there is some metal block there, the pressure that the hydraulic cylinder piston rod born will overload. Then the hydraulic pump will stop, the energy accumulator will play a buffer role on the pressure change, the relief valve will open for oil returning and the piston rod will shift to increase the the gap of the compression rollers to ensure hard objects to pass through the rollers. As a result, the system pressure will return to normal, which will protect the compression rollers from damaging. The hydraulic briquette press machine can adjust its pressure according to the requirements for the ball density, so production maneuvering is rather flexible.

After thirty years research, the company has developed 1-50000 tons mechanical shaping machine & 3-100000 tons hydraulic shaping machine, more than 10 series, over 20 kinds of shaping machinery and equipment. This series of industrial shaping equipment is not only suitable for industrial gas-making, boiler coal, cold pressing coke, ignition coal, civil coal, but also applies to civil metallurgy, refractory, and pharmaceutical materials, etc various molding.

Main technical parameters of Hydraulic ball press machine

Model Roller size (mm) Speed of mainshaft (r/min) Model model Motor power (kw) Output (t/h) Dimension (m)
DFM360-2 360*250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 3-5 2.2*1.5*1.76
DFM400-2 400*250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 4-7 2.2*1.38*1.9
DFM430-2 430*250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 5-8 2.3*1.53*1.9
DFM500-2 500*350 15-17 Y160L-4 15 8-10 2.6*1.75*2.1
DFM650-2 650*350 15-17 Y180L-4 22 12-20 3.42*2*2.2
DFM750-2 750*380 14-16 Y200L-4 30 25-30 3.7*2.55*2.6
DFM850-2 850*436 14-16 Y225S-4 37 35-40 3.9*2.6*2.7
DFM1000-2 1000*530 14-16 Y225M-4 45 40-45 4*2.8*2.8

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