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Horizontal steam boiler

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Introduction : We offer a wide range of horizontal steam boiler which has fully automatic operations. Due to its larger heating areas and efficient burner with high CO2 search it maintains clean combustion. Its thermal efficiency is 88%. Welcome to choose and buy factory

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       Horizontal steam boiler details:

        (1)a inner-recycling device which is based on the fluidization and deflagration of the flying ash separated by the high temperature

        (2)corner tube boiler flag type convection heating surface recombination velocity design method

       Horizontal steam boiler technical characteristics

        1. Reliable water circulation structure

       The water circulation that water cooled wall all rise

        2. Reliable power-off protection

       Large water volume, membrane water wall, set put air valve

        3.High efficiency energy saving burn

       Blowing in with isobaric,micro adjust air distribution,the secondary air turbulent combustion, high-temperature separation of fly ash and fly ash circulating fluidized reburning,corner tube boiler flag type convection heating surface recombination velocity design method

        4. Low pollution

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