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Three major issues in the maintenances of crusher

     Crusher is the main means of production for mineral enterprises, especially in modernized production today. Crusher is also the important sign measuring the level of production technology in mine enterprise. Thus the management and maintenance of the crusher is the basic work in the production and operation of enterprises. It is a guarantee of product quality and also is the important way to improve the enterprise economic benefit .

     There are many problems in the maintenance and management of crusher for most mineral enterprises that mainly include the following three aspects:

     1, The updating of crusher is not seasonable and the level of equipment fall behind. At the condition of contemporary market economy, enterprises normally implement the policy of distribution according to work,which not only improves the enthusiasm for production of the employees but also increasingly improves all the production index. However, because of a variety of reasons as the enterprise lacks funds and management level of management personnel can't keep the step,ignoring the training of the staff and quality of grassroots operation personnel dropping, etc, it is not satisfactory in the updating of technical equipment (crusher and so on) .Therefore, whether the updating of the crusher is on time is a main factor caused the influence of above.

     2, The maintenance such as the cleaning and lubrication of equipment and the exchanging of vulnerable component regularly is not consummate.

     Due to the environment of mineral enterprise is generally bad which is full of dust and high noise , especially the influence of unfavorable factors such as climate, so the routine maintenance of crusher and the sand equipment is particularly important.However, most of the mine enterprise focus on repairing after the equipment is broken to tackle,ignoring the cleaning and lubrication of the equipment in the normal operation.which greatly reduce the using life of the equipment.

     3, Technology condition of idle equipment is not good.

     The enterprise takes no measure to protect the idle equipment or stand-by crusher and especially vulnerable parts from rust, moisture and dust.And no special person care about and inspect regularly. Spare parts need to be demolished from the idle equipment and spare crusher when the spare parts is demanded, influencing seriously the state of the technology of equipment.

     Management level of crusher directly affect the the completion of the productive task of a enterprise and its economic benefit. The equipment management is a multi-level complex system,it refers to multiple levels from the decision-making to work. Only the work of every level is in order can it ensure the normal operation of the production of construction.

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