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Message for Users from Dongfang Company

According to a report released from a well-known Chinese media, some illegal hackers have been involved in economic fraud through mailbox invasion activities. Several foreign companies and clients have suffered huge property losses. This phenomenon is on a rise recently and has caused bad social impacts.

To prevent our company and customers from being damaged by similar incidents, we hereby summarize the following illegal fraud means, please being alert and making more people vigilant:

1. Use illegal programming to realize mailbox invasion;

2. Intercept communication mails between company and their clients;

3. Claim that some changes to be made to bank account of the company;

4. Register new mailbox which is similar to email address of the company or their customers, this is to cause confusion among company and their clients.

5. Change send-and-receive Settings, this is to ensure all E-mails between the company and their clients will be directly delivered to designated mailbox.

In response, we suggest to take the following precautions:

1. Forbidden to click unfamiliar mail in order to avoid computer virus;

2. Weak password users need to strengthen password security level;

3. Change mailbox password more frequently;

4. Make cross-checks to every email address in the mailbox;

5. Please make confirmation once again by telephone before any payment.

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