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The basic structure of jaw crusher

     The basic structure of a jaw crusher generally includes seven parts such as driving medium,rack,the jaw plate and side rack ,flywheel,lubrication device,adjusting device and the reset spring.

     1. The transmission

     Eccentric shaft is the spindle of the crusher,which is bearing huge torsion and made by the high-carbon steel. Eccentric shaft must be processed by finishing, heat treatment and the bearing should pouring by the use of the babbitt metal. There is a pulley at one side of the eccentric shaft ,and the other side with the flywheel.


     The frame is a rigid frame with upper and lower opening. It is the support of the eccentric shaft and bears the reaction of broken material. And it requests enough strength and stiffness, generally wholly casting with the cast steel. Mini-machines can also cast with the high quality cast iron instead of cast steel. The frame of the mainframe need to cast segmentedly and then link into a firm whole with screws. The casting process is complex. The frame of homemade small jaw crusher can also weld with the thick plate but the stiffness is poorer.

     3. Jaw plate and side guard board

     Dynamic jaw and static jaw are all made up of jaw bed and jaw plate, jaw plate is the working part and fixed to the jaw bed with bolts and wedge iron. The jaw bed of dynamic jaw is the front wall of the frame,and the jaw bed of the static jaw hangs round periphery,which must have enough strength and stiffness to sustain the crushing force, and is mostly cast with steel or iron castings. Jaw board and side guard board contact directly with the raw material of the parts, the hardness and wear-resisting degree of which is relatively good.

     4. The flywheel

     The flywheel of jaw crusher is for store the banking energy of dynamic jaw to reuse in the formation of industrial and make the machinery work uniformly. The pulley plays the role of the flywheel. The flywheel usually cast with cast iron or cast steel, the flywheel of mini-machines generally made into a whole. We should pay attention to the static balance when installing the flywheel.

     5. Lubrication device

     Eccentric shaft bearing usually adopts concentration circulation lubrication. The support surface of the heart axis and the thrust plate generally feed oil by manual oil gun with grease.

     6. Adjusting device

     Adjusting device also called adjusting screw.The common adjusting device includs wedge type,subplate type and hydraulic type,and the wedge type is the general choose. The wedge adjusting device is composed by the former and the later wedge block,the former wedge block can be moved back and forth and hold out against push board. The later wedge is a adjustable wedge,which can move up and down. The inclined planes of the two wedge fit backward so that the wedge to move up and down with the help of screw to adjust the material mouth size.

     7. Reset spring

     The operations of the dynamic jaw is driving with spring. Without the spring the dynamic jaw can't move and the machine won't work.

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