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Daily Maintainence of the clay brick machine

In this passage, we will instruct you how to do maintain the clay brick machine in the production . For the new clay brick production line, a lot of buyers may not know very well. During their production, maintenance is very important for smooth production. Here, we will introduce some methods to help you keep your mud brick machine well to increase its service time.

1. Before operate the machine, you should put in some gasoline and kerosene so that the tank and oil pool can be cleaned when the machine works. And then put you some gear oil, the machine can put into use formally.

2. Recommend use 50# gear oil and 46# machine oil the oil pool. After you start the machine, clean the machine and change lubricating oil once a month is necessary. Three months later, you can change it regularly.

3. Before operating the machine, you should make the main axis turn some rounds by your hands. If there are no obstacles and abnormal phenomenon, the machine can be put into use.

4. The electromotor should reach the rated speed, and then make the clutch combine slowly when you start the host machine. Overexerting is forbidden. Unless machine elements will be damaged, the machine life will be reduced.

5. The clutch only be used when you start the machine or in the emergency circumstance. The supplied clay materials should be uniformity. Try best to reduce the number of using the clutch.

6. The equipment should be check regularly. If there are some abnormal phenomenons, for example, unusual noise, shock, shake and the temperature rises sharply. You should turn off the machine and check directly. Before the breakdown is eliminated, the machine is not allowed work.

7. Beware of ironware, stones etc into the mud cylinder to destroy the machine elements. As a result, the production will be affected.

8. When you stop the machine, you have to stop the pug supply first. After the mud cylinder is empty, the clutch is separated too. The power source can be turn off.

9. Carry out different level maintenance systems:

 Small maintenance: check and adjust rupture sites, add lubricating oil(or fat).

Middle maintenance: check and clean the machine thoroughly��and change the lubricating oil(or fat).

Big maintenance: disconnect the machine totally, clean and check it and repair the damaged machine elements. In this way, the property will be recovered better.

The big maintenance should do annually, the middle maintenance should do monthly, and the small maintenance should do once every four hours. All machinery sliding parts all need to add oil (or fat), except the friction plate, to make sure the flexibility when you operate. Each unit of using the machine should build strict operation procedures and maintenance system and provide the high level technology personnel so that the equipment can work efficiently and then you can get a satisfied economic effect.

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