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Different materials affect ball socket size

The ball press machine manufactured by Dongfang Machinery is used to squeeze the powder material to increase its density and strength, and most of the briquettes are used for burning and smelting. After pulverizing into ball briquette, the strength is guaranteed, unbroken loading, and not broken when it is burned in the boiler. In this case, the combustion value will be greatly improved. Then the strength of the ball is mainly determined by the amount of adhesive and the correct usage, as well as the particularity of the material. The point is that the size of the ball socket and the depth of the ball socket determine the ball Strength !

For dry powder briquette machine, you need to choose flat square ball sockets, and the choice of ball sockets is not large and shallow. The main reason is that dry powder ball press machine do not allow any adhesive when pressing raw materials. If you use deep ball sockets and big ball sockets, the balling rate is not high. Even difficult to shape.

For coal powder and iron powder, large ball sockets should be used as far as possible. The ball sockets should be set up in round shape so that as long as the amount of water and binder used for the material is well controlled, the finished ball can be pressed. The molding rate is as high as 95% and the balling strength is very good. If you can't do it once, you can try to press the ball twice to ensure the balling rate and strength.

Above materials are the most common materials. The ball forming strength of the ball press depends not only on the adhesive, but also on the use of the machine according to the condition of the raw material, so the selection of the machine and the choice of the roller's ball socket are also particularly important.

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