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Spiral conveyor

Feed Size :

Capacity :

Application Fields : Widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal mine coal and other industries.

Introduction : Spiral conveyors by Zhengzhou Dong Fang Heavy Machinery are specialised in design and manufacturing

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       LS type spiral conveyor is an new transportation equipment with pushes material continuously using the rotation of spiral blades. It is applicable for transporting powder granular and small blocked bulk material, such as clay powder, cement, concrete, sand, stone, grain, coal etc. It is not applicable for transporting materials with properties, like big viscosity, easy deterioration, combined forms. It can complete the gathering, stirring, mixing, dehydrating, customizing material, unloading, stacking and so on.

       Spiral conveyor characteristics :

       Compact structure, small-sectional area, light weight, good seal property, high transportation efficiency, smart technology layout , convenient installation, dismount and move as well as safe operation.

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